Audio & Videos

As a performer, I occasionally find myself on camera or microphone. Sometimes it’s for film or television, other times it’s because a live performance is being recorded. Here are a few samples. More can be found on my YouTube page.

Or on Soundcloud

Ryman Illar – Nobody’s Perfect I made a video for my rap song Nobody’s Perfect. Words and raps: R. Millar; Music production and hook vocals: D. Schmoll; Camera/cinematography: V. Rebecchi; Editing/visual design: W.S. Oman.


Ryan Millar – VO Demo Here’s a sample of my voiceover.



Anthony Black – I played an illusionist for a Belgian TV show called “De neus van Pinokkio”



The Pitch at IMPRO Amsterdam 2014 – Here’s a short version of my improvised film format The Pitch, which I performed in the Late Night Programme at IMPRO Amsterdam.



Ryman Illar – High Noon This is a brand new hip hop track I made with David Schmoll doing all the production work.



Milk for breakfast – During a photo/video shoot with a casting agent I was asked to do some solo improv, so of course I obliged.