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Writer Ryan Millar writes a lot. Plays, features, scripts, short stories, comedy sketches, rap songs and an improv book. There’s also his blog, which contains 15+ years’ worth of thoughts and musings. He divides his writing time between passion projects and freelance work.

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Trainer Ryan Millar has been in the workshop and facilitation game for 20+ years. Drawing heavily on his improv background (and his work as a storyteller and writer), he specializes in helping individuals and businesses find creative ways to improve how they think, interact and perform.

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Coach Ryan Millar loves helping people make progress. Whether that’s helping people prepare for presentations or become better public speakers. Or sitting across from someone and unpacking their life goals, the challenges they face, and the attitudes holding them back.

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Upcoming workshops and performances

22 January: Improv(e) Yourself, Amsterdam
Supercharge your ability to connect, create and contribute, using the magic of an improvisational mindset

25 January: Writing Matters
Learn how and why writing creates more robust thinking, preserves our ideas and memories, and strengthens our imagination. Get some tips and strategies for harnessing the power of writing and putting it to work for you.

8 February: Unlocking Storytelling (Online)
This two-hour session will show you the power of stories and give you a framework so you can be a better storyteller immediately

22 March: Supercharge your Charisma (Online)
Increase your ability to lead, influence, and make a lasting impression on others and on the world around you

30 March: Learn to Love Public Speaking, Amsterdam
This one-day workshop will give you the tools to actually learn to enjoy presenting — and deliver with greater impact

12 April: A Writing Process That Works
Writing is so simple, yet it’s also so fricking hard! This session will help participants get themselves, centered, focused, and writing. Productively, and enjoyably.

9 May: Introduction to Storytelling (Online)
Get a handle on how stories work, some hallmarks of effective stories, and how we can use stories to communicate more effectively


Ryan Millar’s TAKE IT EASY™ isn’t about a new way of doing improv, nor is it meant to replace your own style or approach. Instead it’s a mindset that can inform your performance and approach to improvisation.

Latest thoughts

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I bought a sport coat recently. I needed it for some work with a client, but I also liked that I feel great in it. It reminded me of the idea of "The Confidence Coat".

The Christmas Business Playlist

"If music be the food of love, play on." So says Duke Orsino at the beginning of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. He wasn't of course, referring to the yearly holiday playlist I make. Though he could've

Writing a book ain’t easy

So... making progress on a book isn't easy. I know this because five years ago when I wrote my first book I got very excited when the manuscript was complete. What then happened was I