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Ryan writes plays, feature articles, short film scripts, short fiction, comedy sketches and other stuff besides – including the blog on the right. Much of his writing he does for clients like ING, Heineken and Shell, but a great deal of it he does for himself.

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Ryan helps individuals and businesses improve the ways they think and interact – internally and externally. Applied improv, storytelling and communications training are all right in his wheelhouse.

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Ryan has been teaching, performing, directing and writing about improv for nearly twenty years. In addition to regular classes and shows in Amsterdam, he travels regularly to festivals around Europe to perform and teach.

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TAKE IT EASY™ isn’t about a new way of doing improv, nor is it meant to replace your own style or approach. Instead it’s a mindset that can inform your performance and approach to improvisation.
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Latest thoughts

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I’m the Procrastination Killer!

My friend Simon called me last week with a strange request: he wanted me to call him the next morning and be his 'angry boss'. A freelancer, he didn't have anyone holding him accountable, thus [...]

  • upside of downtime ryman illar street sign

The Upside of Downtime

While I was on holiday in Italy last month I spent a little time putting together a rap, because that's the kind of miniproject a guy like me can find to occupy his thoughts while he's [...]

Crowdfun: A little more about my improv book TAKE IT EASY™

TAKE IT EASY's thematic design was created by the wonderful Eva Carp   There are two weeks left in the crowdfunding campaign for my book. So timewise we're halfway there, but fundraising-wise we're [...]

Upcoming Travels, Shows & Workshops

14 October ~ TAKE IT EASY Pre-Launch Party, (Workshop) Cinetol

4 November ~Scene Sorcery Cinetol

5 November ~ Themeprov, Mezrab

12 November ~ Scene Surgery (Workshop) CREA

17 November ~Learn to love public speaking and presentations, (Guardian Masterclass)

3 December ~ Themeprov, Mezrab