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Amsterdam-based Canadian Ryan Millar writes plays, feature articles, short film scripts, fiction, comedy sketches, rap songs and – most recently – a book on improv. There’s also the blog down below, which is full of frequent thoughts and musings. He divides his writing time between passion projects and freelance work.

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Ryan has been in the facilitation and training game for more than twenty years. Drawing heavily on his improv background (and his work as a storyteller and writer), he specializes in helping individuals and businesses find creative ways to improve how they think, interact and perform.

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Ryan loves helping people make progress. Whether that’s helping people prepare for presentations or become better public speakers. Or sitting across from someone and unpacking their life goals, the challenges they face, and the attitudes holding them back.

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Ryan Millar’s TAKE IT EASY™ isn’t about a new way of doing improv, nor is it meant to replace your own style or approach. Instead it’s a mindset that can inform your performance and approach to improvisation.
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Latest thoughts

Getting a writing community

Last fall, I inherited a writing group on Meetup. It's a place for writing and storytelling workshops, which is something I've done a lot fo, and want to do more of. Great! So to get

Some festive Christmas cheer?

For the past few years, I've been making Christmas playlists on Spotify. Initially, they were a rambunctious rollicking roll through genres and eras, but lately they've been tending more to brooding indie rock, with some

Doing Dutch DIY

I hold before me a toy wooden car. It's unfinished wood. Imperfect. Heavy and clunky, like a station wagon from the 80s. But it's mine. Well, it's my children's, but I made it. I brought