Famiglia: We’ll be seeing the whole Italian side of the family. I like them.

How about some real thin crust pizza alla Romana? With Bufala mozzarella? And fried stuff beforehand? And a beer? OK.

Espresso: Come on cafe, macchiato corretto cappucino and a cornetto! Done dark and delicious. In the absence of a fry-up for breakfast, you can do much worse than Italian-style.

Sustained sunshine: Nice weather? Why yes, I do remember you.

Friends: There’s still some people there we like, we can go hang out with them. At a wedding no less.

Office: For the duration of our visit I will not once be going to the office. Not once.

Assisi: not technically in Rome, but it is the location of the wedding. And you know what, if it was good enough for St. Francis, friend of all the animals, then it’s good enough for me.

Gelato: It’s gonna be hot. We’ll be on holiday. We will be eating lots of gelato. Che buono!

Roma: Fucking guys. This season has gone from bad to better, then back to really bad. First the derby loss, then a hammering by Fiorentina… so depressing. But at least in Roma my misery will have company.

And lastly: The X factor. The romance. The intangibles. The memories.