Life, like partying, is way better when you’re doing it with flair and style. Your choices should be a little bit surprising, yet always thoughtful. If it’s not fun, you should know how to make it fun, and do it quickly. If there’s a problem, you should be able to fix it.

Sounds good in theory, you say, but where am I going to learn how to make my life and the life of everyone around me better? How can I possibly get to be that cool?

The answer is the excellent How You Can Be Cool site. It is a list of ways that you can up your cool factor. From making kick-ass paper airplanes to solving mysteries, to skiing in jeans and flipping the bird, it’s a treasure trove of funny and helpful tips to help you stop being such a dork.

The blog recently surpassed 100 tips. To celebrate, Allen has published a ‘refrigerator checklist’ of the first 100 ways.

I don’t mean to be a dick, but you should probably take some of those suggestions on board. I’ve been at this coolness thing for a while now, and look how fucking cool I am! I’m also pretty experienced in the ‘doing things in groups of one hundred‘. Pick a couple and get on it, you’ll be surprised at how cool it makes you.

But I won’t be.

*For the record, HYCBC author Allen Morrison is a good friend of mine. I met him at university in Vancouver, we had a lot in common.

As actors and comedians we have worked together quite a bit. He’s a funny fuck. And, as you will find out on his blog, he’s also a bit of a jock.

Most importantly: he knows from cool. I mean, check him out: