So I correctly predicted the outcome of 3 of the 4 finals. Not to brag, but that’s pretty good. I’d feel better about it, if my prediction for England to win was correct. ANd my prediction for Germany to beat Argentina wasn’t but there you have it, i don’t actually get to choose.


Well, my precition for this game to be an awesome one full of attacking football wasn’t correct. This game was more cautious than either team should’ve been. But Germany won in the penalty shoot-out and they deserved to win. The biggest mistake of all is the Argentinian coach who lost the game for his country. Shitbag. Argentina scored early on in the second half. Then tried to defend their narrow one goal margin. They even substituted out their great playmaker Riquelme and leading goalscorer Crespo in the 72nd and 79th minute respectively. Germany scored in the 80th minute. So much for defensive changes.

By the time they’d gone through to penalty shoot-outs Argentina was already crashing and burning. Evidence being borne out by the skirmish after all was said and done. These players wanted to fight! Not something the FIFA higher ups, with their stragnlehold on the beautiful game, would like to happen. It didn’t help that Argentina had their back-up keeper in for the penalty shoot-out, after their main guy with the really long last name got injured in the 70th minute. BUt the biggest problem was that Argentina missed 2 spot kicks.

BUt it shouldn’t have gone to extra time, or penalty kicks. That’s Jose Pekerman’s fault. Germany had gone far enough. But now they got their eyes on the prize.