I arrived Friday at about 17:15, and was on the train back to Brussels Saturday at 18:56. But that brief amount of time was enough to:

  • get off the train
  • cruise over to the Lindengracht studio
  • record vocals for 5 rap songs
  • eat a MAOZ falafel (with humous) with repeated trips to the salad bar
  • bike tour the city with its’ newest, freshest resident
  • fix the busted-the-fuck-up bike used for said tour
  • perform in an improv show at Boom Chicago
  • swap couplets with Rob for an abbreviated verse of ‘Yo!’ in aforementioned Heineken Late Night show
  • stay out wicked late drinking and chatting at said establishment
  • Send an sms to Chiara
  • gobble down two (2) lekker FEBO kipburgers before hopping back on bikes and heading for home
  • sleep for one quarter of total time in city
  • get up before 10am to go market shopping for fresh ingredients for a Commonwealth breakfast of eggs and potatoes
  • watch a few episodes of You sjuck at Photoshop
  • check artwork for upcoming media empire website
  • re-record reworked lyrics
  • kick it with beatbox and improv wizard Rob from Boom to kick the album into ‘freshzone’ territory
  • plan album art
  • get sandwiches
  • get on train

Not bad use of time huh?

And I didn’t even mention that I got to throw out at least 5 “Superdoeis!*” (my new favorite Dutch word).

Pronounced “Superdooey!” defn: Goodbyeee!