Last year’s birthday blogpost was all peppy, as I looked out on a year full of promise. That year is now behind me, and it turned out to be full of reality.

So what now? I’m not sure. All I know is that the highs and lows must have taught me something; there’s a lesson around here somewhere, I’m sure of it…

Aha! I’ve found it. That lesson is: keep on keeping on.

And sometimes keeping-going needs inspiration. Fortunately, I’ve got a list of 34 reasons to keep going/excuses not to quit/pithy wisdom nuggets

Like me, you can use them to help you keep going when times get tough.

     34. Just keep going, even (and especially) when times get tough.
     33. Buy yourself a really nice hat, you’ll feel better and keep your head warm.
     32. Traffic can be a real bitch sometimes so maybe find an alternate route. Or invent the hoverboard. There, you just set a new goal. Easy.
     31. They keep moving the fucking goalposts? Maybe you need to take more shots then, you fucking baby.
     30. Even though everybody knows that ‘it’s a small world after all’, Planet Earth is actually pretty big by most standards of size. That’s why hot-air balloon travel has fallen so far out of favour.
     29. You haven’t synched your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts? Maybe you should go outside for awhile. See what the sky looks like.
     28. Dreams don’t come true – which is good because some of your dreams are pretty fucked up. Like that one with the rattlesnakes at Disneyland.
     27. Aspirations and goals can come true, if you work hard at them. And are extremely lucky.
     26. Relax. Do some breathing. Do this all the time.
     25. Nobody ever won a gold medal for crying.
     24. You can’t spell fun without U. Or F-U. Or the N… Look, you need all of the ingredients to bake the funcake that is your life.
     2. Don’t worry about writing out a whole list. Just cover a few key points and a couple other random things. That’s good enough.
     1. Wear a tie now and again, but not too often.

It worked. I’m feeling much better now. About my life, and moving forward.

Look out 34, here I am.