My friend Jon Weinberg wrote a poetry book called ‘A Calm Position.’ It won a gold medal at the Independent Publishing Book Awards which is the Olympics of independent book publishing. I think. Jon and I did some acting, sketchwriting and skateboarding together at UBC long ago.

A Calm Position, explores love, loss, one’s potential, calmness, contentment (the search there of,) hope, failure, dancing and the letting go of thoughts to a place where they can roam free. It is a journal of sorts that you are invited to peruse. Feel free to create your own pictures for the words and your own stories for the images.

I think he also took the pictures.

What we got here is a fine looking finished product and an award winner to boot. Congratulations are definitely in order. Speaking of order… I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of the book, and you should too.