A recent post was written in haste, in the first blush of lust. I was enamored, overawed and acted rashly. I renounced friends, and personal interaction in general. Because I was blinded by the Playstation. I even forgot totally about Scrabble. My low tech first love. But last night I went back to Scrabble, cap in hand. The epiphany happened on the eve of Epiphany, when God showed himself in human form to the people. The light went on for me when the dark went on in the apartment. How’s a guy to play PS2 with no power? He’s not. He and Chiara are going to play romantic scrabble by candlelight. Sure Scrabble doesn’t have the graphics or processing power of the PS2, but it doesn’t need that junk, it does just fine with a core of 100 letters, a 15 x 15 real-time tabletop interface system, and a dictionary. I’ve fallen from the heights of Playstation enamorment to a more balanced approach to playstationing. Balanced with scrabble. The tipping point was the lights out, but PS2’s case wasn’t helped with the purchase of Bomberman Hardball. More like Bomberman Lameball. Or Lameman Boringball. Or ReallyAnnoyingJapaneseChimeyMusicMan Pointlessball. Score another point for Scrabble.
Additionally Scrabbletastic is the scrabble a day calendar that made it’s way here from my parents for Christmas.