As a rule, I’m not that well dressed. This is a plus, in that I’m not overly obsessed with fashion details and latest trends and other time-consuming stuff like that. It’s bad because I sometimes look like I got dressed in the dark. Or, more commonly, like I only own jeans, sneakers, and casual or second-hand shirts.

Now that I’m part of the working world, it’s an opportunity to get serious: I’m trying to regularly rock a dressed-down version of ‘business casual’ in a way that makes it look like a conscious choice, and not just because I only own one suit.

So I recently went, with my keen-eyed and stylish wife as my personal shopper, into the heaving centre of London and emerged with some new clothes.

Chunky sweater? Check.
Khakis? Check.

I also got a couple of other items, so I’m on my way to being well-dressed in a way that is more than “my best jeans and finest sweatshirt!”

It may take some time and effort, but when you look good you feel good, right?

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Right?

So I’m reading up – looking at some classic tips, and some looks that might be a little more fashion-forward. And, if I get this all going, I might start rocking a something with a little touch of class.

Or I may not, but I do have a couple nice new sweaters.