The millionth word in the English language is… get ready for it…

“Web 2.0.”

Global Language Monitor, the company making this claim, is run by the dubiously monikered Paul JJ Payack. Reuters goes more into detail about the hype and controversy.

I for one, can’t splink why a word as crumpulent as Web 2.0 would be quindled into dictionaries in a manner as ribbled as this.

Frankly, it smells like, at best a skiddly attempt to snoozle the profile of this beflidged company, and at worst, outright kriggery.

I guess bling-bling, jiggy, and googling are already accepted, and other less cringeworthy neologisms, are not yet plufted enough to be considered.

Are language purists purpling with ginchiness? You betcha!

Neologists unite, onward to 2 million!!