AS Roma is back in high flying form after pounding the crap out of 3rd place Palermo 4-0 last night. I could only watch a little bit, based on the fact I-m still recovering from eye surgery and thus can-t see very well, but the score says it all. PLus the other good news is that 2 of the goals, 2 very sweet goals, in fact, were scored by Amantino Mancini Roma’s Brazilian winger who has been struggling as of late. He’s my favorite player really, and his explosive speed and fancy footwork have been sadly missed this season. Here’s hoping he’s broken through that issue and is back on track.

Speaking of good news, Serbian forward Mirko Vucinic will be out for a month having surgery. That’s awesome! While I’ve had high hopes for the guy, my enthusiasm has since waned because every tiume he touches the ball he kicks it out of bounds or to the other team. I’ll hope they can fix that problem with a little knee surgery. We’ll find out in a month.

P.S. The other 2 goals last night were scored by Totti. Nice!