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And more tips for the dedicated improviser

TAKE IT EASY™ isn’t about a new way of doing improv, nor is it meant to replace your own style or approach. Instead it’s a mindset that can inform your performance and approach to improvisation.
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About the book

This isn’t an ‘intro to improv’ book, nor is it a how-to manual. Instead, TAKE IT EASY™ is a collection of thoughts and observations designed to give people a different perspective on their craft, and it also includes games and exercises for people to do on their own or to to bring to their group to reinforce the book’s teachings.

A lot of those exercises can also be enjoyed by the non-improviser too.


Improv is, paradoxically, a pursuit that requires both absolute commitment and an absence of trying. It is here where you find taking it easy.
Finding the balance between effort and acceptance is tricky. When a player is trying too hard, they will inevitably fail. But when they release themselves from judgment and follow their impulses and the story, great things result. But it requires letting go.
TAKE IT EASY™ is the chillest way to supercharge your improv.

About the author

Ryan Millar is an Amsterdam-based improviser, actor, and writer. He started improvising in Vancouver in the late 90s. Since then he’s worked with, taught, learned, and performed improv around North America and Europe.

Highlights include working as a trainer and referee for the venerable Canadian Improv Games, working with Amsterdam’s comedy institution Boom Chicago, teaching at Impro Hotel in Corfu, performing in various shows (improvised and otherwise), at the Edinburgh Fringe, hosting talk shows The Yak in London, and The Big Ideas Show in Amsterdam, and doing two-man improvised longform hip-hop shows as Milly Can Rap with Trent Pancy.

As a performer and communications trainer, Ryan has worked with clients including Apple, DG MARKT of the European Commission, Google, Virgin Media, Toastmasters, Greenpeace, and Deutsche Bank (among others). He’s on the faculty of Guardian Masterclasses, running regular sell-out courses called ‘Learning to Love Public Speaking and Presenting’.
He holds an MA in Professional Writing from London Metropolitan University and a BA in Communications from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada – where he’s from.