Saturday night was final night of our Brussels run. The atmosphere was suitably energetic. The theatre was oversold and the actors were all keen for a high octane kick-ass performance. I wasn’t the only one looking to avenge the previous nights so-so quality.

And we did, we brought it. The audience got off to some rolling laughter early on, and were pulled along through the manic energy of the first scene. They were also willing particpants in the high-jinx of the phone call. And from there it just snowballed to the hectic finish. It was a fitting finish to a successful run.

One of the best compliments we received was from the director of the upcoming run of Neil Labute’s ‘Bash,’ also an amateur production at the same space. She half-jokingly said ‘I hate you guys.’ Why? I asked. Because our show was so good it forces her to step her game up. (those weren’t her exact words, but it’s what she meant.)

So it was great. And the cast party afterwards was fanastic: great food and drink and people.

Speaking of people: I’m just hoping some show up in Bedford for those shows.