English Comedy Club of Brussels Presents


By Dario Fo. Directed by Conrad Toft

Brussels: September 18,19,20,21,22 at 8pm

The Studio Rue Waelhem 69, Schaerbeek
Bus 58 & 59 trams 55,56 & 92. Limited Parking @LIDL

Tickets 13€ from ecctickets@yahoo.com or +32 477 408 704

That is not all though…

This motherfucker is also going on the road!!

Bedford England: September 28 & 29 at 7:45pm

The Place, Bradgate Road, Bedford
directions and tickets(£7.50/£6) : The Place

Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo tells the story of an anarchist railway worker who “fell” to his death from a fourth floor window of the police headquarters in Milan. Fo’s maniacal protagonist (who will be played by Ryan Millar (i.e. me)) wittily probes the police officers who conducted the anarchists interrogation, discovering everything but the truth about what actually happened on that fateful night…

The updated translation by Men Behaving Badly writer Simon Nye propels this hilarious satire on police corruption into the present day. Don’t expect a quiet night at the theatre!

5 reasons you should see this play

1. I’m in it. If you’re reading this blog entry than you probably know me and would be interested in what I’m doing. Also it may in all likelihood be kinda cool, and you should support things that are cool.

2. It’s funny. And laughter has been scientifically proven to be totally awesome. There will also be booze at intermission which will make the play even funnier.

3. Dario Fo won a Nobel Prize for writing it. They don’t exactly just hand those things out you know.

4. It’s politically provocative entertainment. And you need that. It’s good for you. Like laughter.

5. You cannot come up with an adequate number of acceptable excuses to cover all 7 performances. . Especially if your region of habitation is Belgium or England.