I’m hammering hot rods into a couple different shapes in a couple different flames.

Contrary to what you might have learned about “copying” and “writing” during your times in educational institutions the act of “copywriting” is actually a specialized and specific field and/or skill that involves working words, punctuation and ideas into the perfect form. In order to inform and/or sell. Like rapping, which I also enjoy doing. Wordsmithery.

It’s something i’m pretty good at, something I like doing, and something I’m hoping to do more of. Because besides being something I’m good at and enjoy, it pays well. You may know I’ve been working with Levi’s.eu, and now I’m working with a new client as well. One that has me working weekends, but the modern man’s gotta hustle. That much more if his bike was stolen and his car is busted down.

The acting front sees me facilitating some improv workshops in January. Did I mention they’re going to be awesome?

And as of Sunday I’ve got the go-ahead for some on-camera Belgian television work. Because of my non-disclosure agreement i can’t tell you what it will be. Only to say i’ll be playing a doctor, but it’s not porn.