Day after Hallowe’en…

All Saints Day in Italy, a time to honour the dead.
Hallowe’en evening, last night was a time to watch 90 minutes of Cham,pion League football at the stadium with my man Andy. There was a good 30 minutes of exciting football, right at the end. The introduction of Simone Perrotta, and the other guy, Vukinic helped generate some offense for Roma. The fact that their awesome Brazilian winger and my favorite player, Mancini was missing didn’t help their cause, but they managed to claw back to a draw in the end.

Right on.

Then it was Hallowe’en time!!!!

Recipes for mediocre last ditch costumes…

1. Witch.

Dress in black.
Wear lots of make-up

Key: Black lipstick.

2. Burglar

Striped sweatshirt.
Black gloves.
Devious look on face.

Key: Black strip of material with eye holes as a mask.

3. Accident Victim

Take a crisp new white dress shirt.
Douse with ketchup and slash with a knife.
Let dry, then wear.
Optional: make-up for black eye effect.

Key: pained expression on face

The saddest thing about our costumes is that we were the best dressed people at the “Hallowe’en” party we went to. It was at a cool space in our neighborhood(!) but full of atrezzi only one or two made even made an attempt to dress up. And they were even more half assed than we were.

BOO! to that.

(And not Boo in the Halloweeny ghosty way)