Dick Cheney made an unannounced visit to Iraq today. I thought the only place he went unannounced was his undisclosed location! But no, he’s in Iraq to encourage rival Iraqi factions to put aside their differences and work together. He said “We’ve all got challenges together. We’ve got to pull together. We’ve got to get this work done. It’s game time.”

Riiiiight. Perfect. The White House shows impeccable timing and flawless leadership by sending the architect of the unjust, grossly mismanaged, wildly expensive, poorly planned, illegal occupation of Iraq over to mend some fences. At home, where the casualties are measured in the thousands but at least measured, Cheney is deeply unpopular (68% of Americans viewed him negatively according to a recent Harris poll)… just imagine how he’s perceived over there!

So who better than this untrustworthy, dangerous war criminal who bears a heavy burden of personal responsibility for the debacle of Iraq and the suffering of its’ peoples. Who better than Dick Cheney to go over to Iraq and use a fucking sports metaphor to get conciliatory talks rolling?

Right On America! Way to go!