Yesterday I got home early from work and so got alot of things done: made a sandwich and ate it, played (and won) a game of online scrabble, recklessly drove and shot my way through a couple stages of GTA: Vice City and generally had a productive afternoon of time wasting. There was a 15 minute anomalous period of productivity too. In my desultory internet searching I hit up Expatica the english language expat magazine based out of Amsterdam that was keen to get me into an intern position. We were both keen actually. Anyway there was another job position in the postings that looked pretty decent actually: The Program Manager of a university online section. Based in Amsterdam, involving a minority of busywork and administration and a majority of engagement (real and email) with students, to smooth transitions and troubleshoot. It seemed interesting enough, and a real job which I thought was worthy of applying for; problem was, the application deadline was September 1. Yesterday. And they wanteed along with the CV a sample of writing

“Applicants should send their application accompanied by a written statement, which explains their interest in the post and why they believe they are well qualified to do it. Please give a clear explanation of how you meet all the essential requirements and as many of the desirable requirements as possible. This statement will be a central part of the selection process. Applicants are advised to take care to present themselves convincingly.”

So I slapped one together quickly and conscientiously, against the clock, and emailed it out at around 3:00.

4:00 I received a phone call for an interview (!) Chiara already has a job interview on the 8th of September in Amsterdam. I now have one for that same day at the same time. I’m excited about the potential for this job, and even if it doesn’t work out, it’s great the way Amsterdam seems to be receiving my overtures, and responding warmly.

Working in a university, dealing with students, getting a livable wage in Amsterdam? I like this idea, it’s certainly warming me further on the Amsterplan.

Additionally, I will be a guest next Friday at the Heineken Late Night at my old stomping grounds of Boom Chicago, to whom I may soon be looking for casual improv employment. Or at least somehow some opportunity to make more funny more often.

See you next week Amsterdam.

Vancouver, you’re my true love.