There’s a whole lot of improv coming to Amsterdam next week. More than usual, even.

I didn’t move to Amsterdam because they’re having their 18th International Impro Festival next week, it just turns out to be the case.

And I’m the happy beneficiary of this coincidence in many ways. Basically I get to see a bunch of really awesome improv, and also participate in a couple of exciting ways.

I’ll be playing in Disaster Movie on the closing night of the fest. I have no idea what it is, but it sounds fun.

I’ll also be recording some podcasts on Tuesday, and taking a workshop with Jason Geary of Secret Impro Theatre from Melbourne on Thursday.

As for shows to see, it’s really hard to choose, but I’m looking forward to seeing the new formats that will be part of the festival. And I’m especially excited about Domeka Parker of Brody Theatre’s solo show on Friday. As a solo improviser, it’s always exciting to see what other solo formats people are doing.

But just looking at the programme, well it’s hard to choose when to do the other stuff I need to do (find work and a home, take care of some admin etc.),

Because there’s a whole lot of improv going on, a whole lot of improvisers from foreign lands will be in town, and yeah, I’m looking forward to a week full of improv next week.