That’s not a typo. The Canucks new goalie spells his last name with an ‘e’. 

A lot of people have been asking me if I’m excited about heading back to Vancouver to play for the Canucks. I would be, if I were doing so.

But I am not.

My my name is Ryan Millar, and even though I love hockey (and am a Canucks fan through and through) I am not an elite goaltender with twelve years of experience playing hockey at the highest level.

Nor have I ever won the Vezina trophy, nor played for the US Olympic team. So I have no large contract to carry the expectations of insanely demanding Vancouver hockey fans. I am merely one of those insanely demanding hockey fans.

Also, I spell my last name Millar – with an ‘a’, not Miller with an ‘e’.

The Ryan Milla(e)r legion
There are a few other Ryan Millers (and Ryan Millars) out there, all of whom I am not. So I thought I’d just let people know who is who.

Ryan Miller – This guy is a singer/songwriter. And a good one too. He’s contributed soundtracks for a couple of films, and even co-wrote a movie.

No relation.

Ryan Millar – Former U.S. Olympic volleyballer. Mormon.

No relation.

Ryan Miller – Aforementioned hockey player, newly signed to the Canucks.

No relation.

Ryan Millar – Skateboarder from Winnipeg Manitoba.

No relation (although in a strange coincidence I met the mother of a friend of his in Las Vegas recently).

Dr. Ryan Millar – An Ontario-dwelling chiropractor and acupuncturist.

No relation.

Ryan Millar – Me.

Hockey fan, former skateboarder, music lover, indifferent to volleyball, respectful of medical professionals. And proud to be a Ryan Millar.

Go Ryan Millars! (And Ryan Millers!)