I found this on a Canucks booster site on Facebook, stole it, and then patiently waited for my opportunity to put it on my blog and lambaste the Ducks for losing to the Canucks. Or the Senators. Didn’t really happen.
So congratulations Teemu and team.
But the question is why can Canadian teams only get as far as second place? That’s three years running. If the Canucks pull together a strong team again, or, more accurately, a mediocre team that plays very well, it should be our turn for a cup run.
And I’d hate to think that recent history would repeat itself.
The other ‘curse’ that the Sens were playing against is the European Captain curse: no team with a European captain has ever won the Stanley Cup. Well, the Canucks could perpetuate that curse as well, if they stick with the underperforming “silent leader” Markus Naslund as captain.
He should be traded, or at least stripped off the captaincy and downgraded to second (or third liner) where I think the lowered expectations will allow him to be a consistent role-player and twenty plus goal contributor. Although there is that little problem of the millions of dollars they’re contractually obligated to pay him.
It’s a real conundrum for Dave Nonis to fisure out, but you can’t ignore the fact they’re gonna need more firepower.
Last note: I only watched one game of the finals. I had to stay up until 5 in the am to do so, but fortunately it was the excellent game 3, which the Sens won. Too bad they forgot to show up for any others.
Maybe I should’ve. Maybe that woulda helped..