Hey Friends,


I’ve been back in Italy from Canada for about a month. Which means I missed the birth of my nephew by about the same amount of time. Not the strongest planning on my part. The disappointment of not being there for the birth is commingled with the proudest pride in all of uncledom that I feel. And I have been enjoying the news and stories about my main little man Roan Grace Morgan Millar, from his proud parents- my brother Darren and his girlfriend Amber. That’s the awesomest thing for sure.


In other good news: Improv Theatre is finally coming to this ancient European capital. It’s certainly not escaped my notice that even though there is English language theatre and even English historicomical theatre here, there is no improvisation, or improvisers. So I’ve decided to create them.
In association with the English Theatre of Rome and my own Maxcap Enterprises I’m co-producing and leading a two weekend long beginners improv workshop in late May complete with a performance on the final night. I plan to take participants from raw beginners to neophyte amateurs, and hopefully build a little improv momentum here: coax some potential improvisers out of their shells, and more experienced improvisers out of the woodwork. I’m shooting for 15 participants, which seems achievable. If you know any English speakers who could use some (more) improv and live in Rome let them know, send them my email. Let’s get it started.


Last weekend Chiara and I went and spent the weekend on the island of Ischia, a fancy pants island, in a four star hotel.In the off-season, these hotels offer sweet package deals to pamper the guest. We enjoyed three great meals a day, pool time (with sunburn!), and some massages and island touring for bargain basement prices.
Unfortunately the day after we returned I went to work and realized that this summer is going to be hecticissimo. Tourism, which is never slow in Rome, is already up, and I expect a busy, sweaty, hot, dehydrated, farmer-tanned summer.

But please, come visit.

Hope all is well for you wherever you are. Keep doing it.

Ryan Millarone