I was in a packed Irish Bar lasting night enjoying Rome-Lyon Champions League action. Every other person in there was watching Barcalona-Liverpool. But not me. I had a TV to myself, and a stool at the bar. I was joined by my friend Will, and finally, at the end of the first half, by another semi-dedicated viewer. A Frenchman by the name of Benjamin. He was diplomatically pained by my insistence on discussing the World Cup Final, but he fortunately wasn’t a Lyon fan.
The game was full of exciting action, included a Roma goal in the first 6 minutes, with a nice flick on’header from a corner by Totti that was hammered home by superstar-in-the-making Daniele de Rossi. It was disallowed, but 15 minutes later Totti’s clinical header finish of a Tonnetto cross would be allowed, and stand up as the winner.
Totti is obviously my favorite player, as he’s a Roman icon. But my real favorite player is Amantino Manicin, the Brazilian winger. He can go invisible at times, but when he runs and jukes he can beat a defender off the goal-line in the corner and end up in front of the net.
Or like tonight, he can make a Frenchman want to cry of embarassment.
Watch as he takes this pass, perfroms about 7 step-overs in a row, until the defender basically wants off the playground, and then drills the ball into the top corner.

Me and the Frenchman looked at each other with eyebrows raised, and nodded approvingly. So Champions league excitement mounts.