I have been guilty of not writing to hype up my favorite football team in quite a while. Let’s change that shall we?

Roma lost the first leg of their Super Coppa tie to Torino away 1-3. That’s a bad result no matter how you look at it. Unless of course you support barely-out-of-the-regulation-zone Torino, in which case you’re astonished and super-pumped.

I missed the match, but my confidence wasn’t really affected by that poor result. Roma has the depth and class to rebound from a bad result, as they’ve proven time and again.

Last night I managed to tune in for the second half of the reverse. The first half was scoreless, for which, judging by the highlights, the home team should feel very fortunate. It was about ten minutes in when I flicked over, just in time to watch trade bait/tabloid fodder/awesome winger Mancini finish off some excellent work by French forward Giuly to put Rome up 1-0.

According to Roma Chris (who is pretty damn diligent and informed) Roma has been practically allergic to scoring in the second half. Well, that goal was the first of four in the second half to put Rome into the quarter final.

Totti scored two (one thanks to another assist by Giuly, the second on a penalty won by CB Mexes.

The rout wasn’t finished until Giuly deservedly got a goal of his own late in the game, controlling a long pass with a nice first touch then beating the defender and faking out the keeper.

If I was making the calls Giuly would be MOTM, but the main point is Roma seemed to be re-awakening after a less than inspiring December. Heading into the break the giallorossi dropped a couple games they shouldn’t have (including the loss to Torino). But after the masterclass in attacking football they gave last night, the Roma faithful can, if not rejoice, at least feel incredibly optimistic about Rome’s ability to compete at the highest level.

Yes, I’m looking at you Real Madrid.