OK. The day is upon us. CRonaldo and WRooney and co. are coming to the Stadio Olimpico to take on a Totti-less AS Roma. Chris’ Offside match preview here.

It looks like trouble. A tremendous challenge, if I’m being optimistic (but we did win this leg last year…).

We do need a hero.
Roma is an amazing side with incredible home-grown talent and passion, men who sweat yellow-red. And a dapper tactical genius of a coach. Basically, Manchester is by far the better team, but Roma has to want it more. After their 7-1 defeat in the same stage last year (which I’ve seen variously described online today as a ‘humiliation’, ‘dismantling’, and ‘severely painful sportsrape’) Roma is more than ready. And they’ve grown. Matured.

The whole team is seeking to avenge via revenge .

I however, in my personal life, have spread myself too thin, and am unlikely to watch the game tonight. In some sort of perverse test of faith, I may be forced to do something pleasant and couple-y with my girlfriend.

Something (ugh, I can barely bring myself to type this) we both enjoy.

Apparently she can’t fathom how I can be ‘incredibly passionate about’, improv, writing, rapping, comedy, playing football, drinking with mates, directing The Power Force, contemporary art… and ‘need to do/watch/go see’ so many movies, bands, sketch comedy programmes, and Champions League, Serie A, NHL games… It tires her out.

Wait until Euro 2008, when we’re freshly married and it’s non-stop football onslaught! Mwa ha!

Anyway, I am firmly convinced that this immense passion I have, not only for life, but also for various self-betterment pursuits, distractions, and mindless entertainment is what attracted her to me in the first place.

The man lost in his singleminded pursuit of his own interests is a man. Period. Is a fighter. Period. Is a team desperate enough to take on the heavily favored ManYoo and eke out a victory.

Forza Roma!