I’ve been doing some looking into the origins of my AS Roma fandom, and I found these blogposts from 2005 and 2006 respectively. My first derby.And the realization: I’m a Romanista.

As for the preview of the game tomorrow… well, I’ve been doing some thinking and have reckoned the realization that while I am a fan of Roma, I am not a pundit.

So I’m hoping for Roma to come out and spank a bunch of goals into the Arsenal net, and not let any into their own. The bad news is they ar enot the mentally strongest team. when they’re on, look the fuck out. When they’re off. They’re waay off. (Witness the 7-1 thrashing they received at the hands of Manchester United 2 CL campaigns ago. Ugh.)

I’ve also just learned that the Gunners are undefeated at home in 22 Champions League fixtures. Worrying reading, indeed.

The good news is Roma has been on fire lately, and they can only be about ready to break their streak of sucking wind in England. They’ve also got a healthy-ish Totti. They’re also dying to play in the Champs League final, which this year will be played at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

I’d love for them to get the huge away win, which would put them in good strategic position to advance. And also add a layer of confidence to their collectively fragile ego.

So let’s predict victory! 2-1 Roma. Vucinic, who spends lots of time offside, is a big match player, and Julio Baptista (better known as la bestia – ‘The Beast’) Should each pot one. Meanwhile, Robin van Persie will score for Arsenal, because he’s awesome.*

*Actually, it seems Vucinic is injured, I guess Baptista will score both goals then.

If you want a good preview I recommend here, because Chris doens’t have his up at The Offside yet.