Back to the Studio, Liverpool

My first exposure to endurance improv was watching a bit of the 2010 London Improvathon. I then guested for an episode last year, as well as guesting for a spot of the 28 hour Cellblock improv show in the fall, which led me to ruminate on endurance-testing longform performance.

This weekend I’m taking another step: I’m off to Liverpool to partake in Impropriety’s 33.5 hour 2012 Improvathon. I’m not doing the whole thing, but plan to pull the night shift on Saturday.

It will be a more experiential look into the notion of the joys of stupidly long shows.

But mostly I’m expecting it to be lots of fun; I’ve met a fair few Liverpool improv folks recently, and I’m looking forward to going ‘Back to the Studio’ with them.

If you’re in Liverpool, you should come gorge on sleep-deprived comedy this weekend.

But if you’re not, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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