I’ve got a job, sort of. Actually i’ve got two sort of jobs. Both in the wonderful world of art, and involving Dutch people.
My first involves being a sales rep for an art gallery here in brussels for a Dutch artist by the name of Nick Gabrichidze”
It’s commission sales work, cold calling. That one can’t help but feel is exploitative. I mean I guess it’s ok, but if someone only pays you if you make them money, well I guess it’s sound business sense, but It doesn’t offer me much in the way of job security. However, I’m looking at it as an opportunity to make some money, hopefully, and get out and explore the city, and hopefully keep me tided over until something more permanent, and regularly paying comes along.

The other job is shooting an art installation film in rance for a Dutch artist by the name of Daan Spruijt”

The filming, much to my narcisstic dismay, involves me wearing a bag over my head, and acting in front of a blue screen, so that Daan can superimpose the faces of viewers onto my body, so it’s this immersive art installation. He also tells me the bag will be very uncomfortable.

However, I’ll make a little money and go to France and be in a film, and those are all plusses.

I’ll let you know how it goes.