So last night was the first (and perhaps my last) edition of Impromptu! Improv in a barlike setting. It took place at 730 last night with me, DJ John, Tall Irish Andy, and Ropey Matt. It was a qualified success.

After the last improv show following the workshops we thought “Hey! Let’s take it to the streets.” So we did, after a fashion. We approached an Irish bar smack in the heart of downtown Rome, and the guy was down with the plan, so it became last Thursday, our premiere. Free. Drink Specials. 45 minute set. So we went at it, for the delicious beers that were to be our reward.

Now this bar is pretty big, and anyone can come in: improv fans, friends, Italians, large groups of Spanish tourists…anyone. And so the place filled up, with friends and well-wishers in the front, and random people who had no idea what was going on in the back. And they talked, and we performed. The louder they talked the louder we yelled. And so it went.

The show was not amazing. It was ok. It had some slow parts, I cut our last game at the end. A cut-and-run exit strategy, if you will. But people came out had some drinks and a couple laughs, the bar made some extra bucks, and we got some free beers and to do a show. So everybody wins. But it was a tough slog out there on the stage.

The benchmarks of success though were met and exceeded at the end of the show, because I signed an autograph (?!) for some guy from Naples, and talked to an Australian TV producer, who just stumbled in and loved the show. I’m hoping my meteoric rise to fame begins now, and involves me going to Australia, but I’m not getting my hopes up too high. Still he was get genuine in his appreciation, as was the anomalous autograph hound.

Surprisingly good times, considering the quality of the show.