I like movies.

But I’ve never really watched a whole lot of them, nor gone to the movies all that often in my life. It’s actually kind of surprising considering how much I work with story, and short films, and narrative structures. I even have a solo improv show called The Pitch, which trades on knowledge of story and film conventions! But for some reason I just have never spent that much time at the movies.

Until recently, that is. A couple of months ago Chiara and I got Pathe Unlimited cards. For €19 you can see all the movies in the Pathe cinema chain that you want. And we’ve been doing our best to make that €19 work for us. Two movies a month and you’re coming out ahead! This is bargain shopping!

So far we’ve seen in the cinema:

  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 
  • Wolf of Wall Street 
  • Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire 
  • Last Vegas 
  • Her 
  • Philomena 
  • All is Lost
  • 12 Years a Slave
  • The LEGO Movie (solo)
I’m not sure if that seems like a lot of movies for an eight-week period, but it probably doubles or trebles the amount  of movies trips we’ve taken in the 18 months prior, so it’s feeling good.

It’s a sweet deal. And we’re making the most of it. Of course, Pathe is the main cinema chain, so you don’t get to see too many outlier films, but what they lack in that they make up for in volume of cinemas and films.

The only other problem is we’ve been recently hit by a spurt of really nice weather. It’s in the mid-teens and sunny here at the moment, and it puts a bit of a damper on the enthusiasm for darkened rooms.

But nice weather and all-the-movies we want to watch – this is a nice choice to have.