So this is the life of a touring actor. Not so glamourous.

Tomorrow I’ll get squeeze into a car with 3 of my fellow cast mates and drive to a small hole-in-the-wall town in the middle of England to perform our show for a small group of elderly people. Twice. And then I’ll come home.

Pardon my cynicism: I’m trying to affect a jaded, worldly, air.

But in fact I’m pretty excited, because even though it will be small crowds, and even though Bedford is in Middle-of-Nowhere Countyshire it’ll still be fun. Beats working, and: most importantly, some good friends are coming up for the show. One on Friday night, and another set on Saturday. With the added possibility of seeing some Birmingham family on Saturday as well.

Also: I’m pretty fucking proud of the show. I’m happy to show my friends this production, which is of pretty high quality.

We took a difficult piece of theatre, made it fun and accessible and had a rollicking good time performing it. I managed to create (I hope) a protagonist whose characterizations within the universe of the play support the text and are at once thought provoking and humourous.

Plus I get to rant and rave, wear goofy mustaches, and make funny voices and stuff.

It’ll be interesting to see how this show is received on the other side of the water. It’s not the gentle 18th Century comedy of manners Bedford is used to.