The Vancouver Canucks are a sad sack group of overtalented, underspirited shitbags. Or, they were. But something happened to their long painful slide out of the playoffs. That long painful slide, sy the way, coincided quite neatly with my trip here to the Pacific Northwest. I watched one game with my father the first week I was here. It was reeeaaally shitty. We went directly to bed afterwards. Flash forward to the game last night. At the pub, having dinner and drinks, and outlandishly wild hockey drama, a 2 goal lead squandered by some mistakes, some third period heroics by the sniper Marcus Naslund, looking in form again, and then overtime and a shootout, with The big talented lazy lumbering Todd Bertuzzi coming correct on his backhand for the win.
We stayed up a little later last night, because the mood was good. MOre bonding time thanks to the Canucks pulling their helmets out of their asses. Let’s hope it continues.