Birthday was awesome. Look at me: I’m loving it.
A couple of excellent mates, Creaseless Ben the Australian Dutch, and Howard Hudson of Rome and London came down with no actual pleading necessary.
And Saturday we became a party of 11 (with the emphasis on party) having a delicious dinner at Belgo Belge. Friends from Amsterdam, friends from Rome, some new and awesome friends from Brussels, and of course Chiara. And when they cut the lights and threw on Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday it was party time. Cake dance party time.
We then went downtown to Place St. Gery, a lively square with plenty of terrace space and flowing beers. More friends, more beers, and an erratic dj.
By the time we left it was already quite late, but we managed to squeeze in a stop at the Bikini Beach party. Apparently a film club had been playing wholesome Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon movies with live surf band accompaniment, but by the time we got there it was a weird and kinda cracked-out scene. The only people wearing bikinis were fat dudes with moustaches (not joking). No surf band.
A stop for a good time, definitely not a long time.
We then made it to la touche d’ivoire, a bar around the corner from my house that boasts ‘all rock and roll.’
By the time we got home it was after five am.
The next afternoon we had a living room dance party to a dj z-trip live album.
My actual birthday (31 July) I received a new bike from Chiara and we had Japanese food and went to the Simpsons movie. Nice!
Now you know.