Which Blue do you cheer for?

Les Bleus (French for the blues). The French team from France. Led by 34 year old Zinedane Zidane. With the ugliest man in football, Frank Ribery, and tall offside wonder Thierry Henry.

Or the Azzurri (Italian for blues). The Italians. Who are awesome and from Italy.

It’s pretty clear that the blues we want to win are the blue Italians.

Marred by scandal in their domestic league, government, and until-recently-exiled Royal House, the Azzurri rose from the ashes of their brutal 1-1 tie with America to beat hosts Germany in the last minute of the extra time to earn their way into the final.
Top be fair, the French started shitty too, tying Korea and Switzerland in the first round.

But, the fact remains that there’s gonna be a great final tomorrow. Not alot of goals probably, but an awesome final nonetheless as these awesome teams battle for football supremacy.

And if we’re lucky, we’ll watch Italy win while we’re standing in the middle of the 300,000 seat stadium Circo Massimo watching the big screen show Italy’s victory. Then there’ll be an all night party with lots of honking and booze and people dressed in Azzurri blue and it’ll be a night to remember for the rest of my life.

WINNER: ITALY (Because it has to be)