Like smashing a bottle of champagne on the side of a freshly painted new ship to christen it seaworthy, a big accomplishment deserves a ceremony. And thanks to great friends there was a perfectly fitting ceremony, in the category “book launch” for TAKE IT EASY last night. But it didn’t always look like it’d be the case.

Before book launch fever, I had just regular fever. To go along with a high-grade flu that descended upon my house over a week ago and has not yet shaken us loose of its sweaty grip. Most flus are annoying, this one is a worthy adversary. More than once it seemed to have me bested, but each time I battled back, thanks to meds both prescription and non-prescription, as well as homemade remedies.

But my real secret weapon was the moaning and whimpering I did. I really think it helped a lot.




My friend Kiki Hohnen not only accepted my request to act as show host, she read TAKE IT EASY ahead of time and devised two halves of improv based on the writings inside. As I wouldn’t have dared hope, it turned out brilliantly.

It was somehow both super tight and also loose. Fun, supportive, and strong on commitment and joy. Plus I got to play with some of my favorite people and overall it was a blast, despite my poor health.

And on the break between halves? I sat at my merch table, with books, bookmarks and bags, and signed copies for people.

Between playing two superfun halves of improv, I signed copies of the book I wrote. For keen paying customers!

So yeah… it was really wonderful. I felt special and loved. I had a blast.

(Professional video and photos coming soon.)