Gone are the heady days of three months ago when I figured this blog would be a good place to keepup my writing/literary chops by writing self-imposed book report assignments. It’s not the will, it’s the discipline. However, just because I haven’t processed the books for your edification and interest doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading. Here for interests sake are most of the books I’ve read this summer, dealing with the subject(s) Rome, Roman History, Roman Art, Italy, The Renaissance, etc.

The Medici, Godfathers of the Renaissance By Paul Strathern

When in Rome

The Rubicon The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic

Catch 22 (I didn’t know it when i signed it up, but Vossarian and crew are actually stationed in Italy). Learned very little Italian history though.

In the Footsteps of Popes

Rome: Biography of a City

The Dark Heart of Italy by Tobias Jones. This book was one of the most enlightening and surprising, written by a true Italiophile who takes a hard and long look at the anni di piombi (yeas of lead) during the seventies and eighties when Italy was deep in the grips of a restrained civil war of sorts between communists and fascists. Lots of assasinations and mysterious accidents with a few bombs thrown in. Also comments on the language, the fashion sense and the nationl football obsession. Probably the most helpful book outside of the tour guiding scene. I was woefully ignorant of the political tension that seethes just below the surface here. Not everyone hates Berlusconi here. Il Cavalliero (The Cowboy) has alot of support. From alot of people you don’t want to fuck with if you don’t