It’s nice to be recognized, publicly, as a public reader. That’s what happened Monday, December 12 2011 in this Guardian article on why “Book swaps at London tube and train stations are ‘a good idea'”.

I wouldn’t even have noticed the article if Nicola of Nicola’s Book Club hadn’t pointed it out to me. Thank goodness she did, because otherwise not only would I have missed this picture of me in the Guardian – I would’ve missed the most incredible thing about it.

I’m not wearing any pants.

Yup. I’m totally trouserless and completely sans pants. A fact that’s not touched upon in the article, and barely noticeable in the photo.

So, while trying to figure out why I’d had my photo taken on the tube – and why I hadn’t noticed – I noticed that there was a glimmer of thigh in the photo. Then it all made sense.

The photo was from The London No Pants Subway Ride 2010. A yearly event organised by Improv Everywhere. And someone at the Guardian Books page was looking through an image bank trying to find a suitable photo to accompany the piece. And they did.

I only wish they’d also encouraged people to enjoy the gloriously silly and fulfilling feeling of riding the rails in their underpants. And reading.

This year’s No Pants ride will be the 11th annual. If you’re keen to get involved go the FB event page.