I hit it pretty big at some charity book shops on the weekend. The list:

‘Snow Falling on Cedars’ David Guterson. I remember this book being all hype a few years ago when they were making a movie about it. Apparently the movie wasn’t very good, but the book is supposed to be.

‘Things Snowball’ Rich Hall A former ‘gagsmith’ for David Letterman writes some observations and short stories. So far not that great, but some original premises and funny parts.

‘Miracle of Castel di Sangro’ Joe McGinness. Combines four of my favorite things: underdog triumph, Italy, football and Italian football. I got a good feeling about it. Hopefully I can rank it up there with my favorite sports books: ‘Fever Pitch’ by Nick Hornby, ‘How football explains the world’ by Franklin Foer, and Brilliant Orange: The neurotic genius of Dutch football, by David Winner.

‘Cloud Atlas’ David Mitchell. Recently read Ghostwritten by same author. Quite a haunting and engrossing tale spanning time space and reality using the unique construct of six (sometimes tangentially) interrelated lives. Apoparently this book uses a similar conceit, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And if it’s only two bucks, buy it.

‘Gates of Eden’ Ethan Coen. Uptilnow tied for my favorite Coen brother with Joel, Ethan may squeak ahead with this collection of darkly humourous short stories. I’ve read three so far and there’s been no wrong turns. Like watching a Coen Brothers flick in my mind.

15 bucks or so all in. And for a good cause: literary escapism and helping those less fortunate.

If I get around to it I may also splurge on the new Harry Potter so I can participate in ‘the magic moment’ that the publishers are going for. In trying to forge a relationship with the reader all of the secrecy and hype surrounding the release of Harry’s ultimate adventure all parties are building towards, not the purchase of the book, but when the book is opened. I’m getting pretty excited just thinking about it.