Actually, these guys hate each other.

London is not far away from voting for a new mayor – less than a month, in fact. There are a bunch of candidates, and all of them are unlikable, but for many reasons.

The current mayor Boris Johnson, or BoJo or BJ or the wide, floppy hard toff, has been known to stick his foot in his mouth, and be a bit of a reckless alienated douchebag, but man is he charming and kinda funny.

However, I’m not sure that qualifies him as a good mayor. Ken Livingstone, his main rival, is also known as Red Ken, which might give you some idea of his political leanings.

The point is you can’t vote unless you’re already registered, or you register. Go to London Elects and learn more. Then make sure you’re on the list, so you can choose which idiot/jerk/douchebag/asshole/maniac (delete as appropriate) you want to run this city.

You need to register by 18 April, so do it now.