Well, no surprises here. Brazil jumped out to an early lead when Ronaldo scored his 15th world Cup goal in the fifth minute. It was business as usual for Brazil, who wired passes around, created space and of course got that goal in the early part of this half. However for much of the rest of the first half Ghana dominated play, creating in the process a number of good scoring opportunities. Unfortunately they didn’t capitalize, and in the 46th minute, just before the whistle blew for halftime, Adriano scored. This gave Brazil a commanding 2-0 lead and took the wind out of Ghana’s comeback hopes.

Brazil scored one more and that’s the way the game ended. No upset here. It’ll be up to Spain or France to try their luck against the mighty ones. Best player in the world is supposed to be Ronaldinho, but he still hasn’t done a thing this World Cup. But if things continues as they are he’ll have 3 more games to prove himself.