Thank you, oh my, thank you, Football Gods. Thank you for smiling upon the FIFA World Cup draw last week. I am honoured that in Your Infinite Wisdom You saw fit to bless me with the opportunity to view some Totally Awesome football in June in Berlin. You certainly work in mysterious ways. I could not have seen, back in January 2005 when I entered the FIFA lottery system (and won. Amen.) I could not have seen that the game I received tickets to would miraculously become Brazil and Croatia. Just last week the draw happened, and thanks to Your Divine Guidance the Pool F first and second seed spots are Yellow Brazil and the Good Ol’ Red n’ Whites of Croatia. You have thus provided me with the chance to see some totally excellent Football up close at the World Cup of Football. The awe-inspiring creativity of the Brazilian side against the underrated and disciplined Croats: this is truly a fortuitous draw. I hope Your charity shines as well on that specific day in June so we don’t see a scoreless draw, or a lopsided rout. I pray for 90 minutes of dedicated creative, clean, flowing football. I also beg for there to be a minimum of phony diving, especially by those gifted, yet cheap, Brazilians. I continue to ask for Your mercy, in this and other football-related matters. Glory Be.