By a wide margin, Ryan wins the race to see who can cross their arms first.
Three nights, two workshops, two shows, and one hotel room. This will be Marbles Improv on the road. In Brussels. It is our first improv roadtrip. And it’s happening this weekend.
It’s been far too long since I’ve been back to the Belgian city that I used to call home. In the case of Dave Waller, it’s been literally forever since he’s been to Brussels

I’m really looking forward to getting back and enjoying some Belgianness; Dave doesn’t know what to expect. The ideal situation, really. 
It should be a good weekend, with some exciting workshops (new games, new formats, new ideas, a new teacher), and some pretty special shows.

I’ve taught improv in Brussels on a number of occasions over the past few years, always with a focus on fundamentals. And now I’ll finally get the chance to perform there, in the style I enjoy: wide open and completely free-flowing, almost like that Tom Petty song
I hope they’re ready. Any Belgium residents who are interested in picking up tickets, here’s the link.