I forgot how physically and emotionally draining spending 8 hours on your feet in front (or behind and beside) of a group can be. In a deliriously wonderful way. Everyone came back for Sunday after a gruelling, but I think rewarding, first session.

We got right back to work with Word at a Time stories and then hit more scene intitiations. Having a firm platform with a well-established ‘where’ and ‘who’ is a crucial element. It is the foundation for improv scene work, as well as setting up agreement between actors and accepting of each others offers and so on.

The group are all well-disciplined and keen. They also tend to strive for over-acheivement, meaning they have concern their stories aren’t good enough if they’re simple. I will be sure to remind them on the weekend that once they have the basics down, the stories will truly flower and all sorts of wonderful deviations can take place, and take us to weird and wonderful places.

We had fun, we had lots of belly laughs, a couple breakthroughs, a pizza buffet lunch, and some excellent adventures. Next week, there will be more.