Hotel room. Meetings. Massive, expertly-crafted, breakfast buffet each and every morning, street bitters with old friends, Westminster.

Just a few of the headlines from the trip to London.

Business travel is kinda fun. Though the novelty of going about once a year makes it difficult for me to grow tired of it. (The massive, delicious, and diverse spread of every conceivable breakfast foodstuff in the hotel restaurant each morning sure didn’t hurt).

The meetings were fun. Partially because I got to be in charge – which means I get to be the centre of attention and everyone does what I say. I like it like that. Fortunately I wasn’t alone in that assessment.

Of course, the highlight of the meetings were the actual ‘meetings’ of colleagues from around Europe. However, these social interactions were easily out-highlighted by the time spent with London-dwelling friends.

Enjoying street bitters and smokes with DFS and G. Ramba was a definite highlight. I haven’t seen former flatmate Girish in many years, but you wouldn’t have known it.

And of course being joined by my wife for the weekend was awesome. She loves London, it makes her happy. That makes me happy. And London reaps the benefits of our happiness. Piled on Saturday evening spread of friends and food. Rejoicing.

Lots of thanks go to all Londonites who helped us out: breakfast chefs, meeting participants, guest spot friends and our hosts JB and DFS who showed us a proper Norf London good time. Well done to all.*

*The exceptions being Fulham, who only eked out a 0-0 draw against Sunderland on Saturday afternoon, and of course AS Roma, who were embarrassed 0-4, at home, by Inter. Uggh.
Better luck Wednesday, boys. Magari. Forza!