Last night: good show, big crowd a solid dose of laughs. Highlight was my man Corey Cornish making the trip from deep dark Flanders for the show. I was also able to givce him his long overdue birthday present, including the tie custom stenciled with the words ‘FUCK OFF’. It was the perfect gift. Trust me.

The show itself was solid. The audience enjoyed it, and as always the highlight was the slow motion fight scene. Some sort of semi-positive compliment for the writer, I guess.

The improv was fun, and everybody is relaxing more into it. I’m looking forward to teaching these folks some intermediate skills. Like how to end a scene, and how to get suggestions from the audience. So it’s not always my responsibility.

And speaking of improv, the show has been a great interest drummer-upper for the next set of beginners workshops.

One lat show tonight. Packed house. Here’s hoping.

Plays sold: 3. Autographed: 1. Total: 17