Holy Crap. I was a nervous wreck last night before the show. Friends and colleagues came. I sat sipping beer all clam-palmed and shifty-eyed. I accepted my award for winning the competition and then scampered back to my seat.

The house was about 70 % full by my guess. About 60 people. The response wasn’t super loud, but they seemed engaged. The pacing of the show was good. Some titters and chortles. And very little nervous shifting. The play rolled downhill, picking up speed, building to a crescendo.

I had a few quibbles, very few. None of which I shared with the cast. I’m all “Hands off!” now. But, some pausing for laughter could’ve given the audience more permission to enjoy themselves. But I trust the actors, they did a great job, a much better job than I on working through the opening night nerves. .

However, it was overall a success. It was good. People enjoyed it. The actors did a more than capable job. They were great!

So now we can all relax into it and just enjoy ourselves.

The other entertainment on the bill?

Not bad. A monologue on being a mom of teenagers was full of truth, if not terribly dynamic. There was lots of knowing and appreciative laughs.

Two musical mimes by a young theatre enthusiast were mostly enjoyed by the audience. What he lacked in detailed mime work (and he definitely lacked detailed mime work), he made up for in inventiveness and sheer cojones.

We finished the evening with a short improv set that went better than I could have imagined. Quick, clean and lots of fun.

An enjoyable night out.

Copies of the play sold: 0. Total: 0.*

The real-life Maxcap Media Empire made some handsome collectors edition copies of the AWARD WINNING play The Power Force. Available for only 5euro. I blame a poor marketing presence, hopefully rectified tonight.