I’m so tired today I can’t really remember that much about last night except vague snippets of it: warm feelings and belly laughs, autographing copies of my book, which sold like warmcakes, and smiles and congratulations floating around.

The Power Force= stronger, fitter, faster. Actors more relaxed, all lines remembered, and a fight scene that ended in a (well-deserved) spontaneous round of applause for the combatants. It went very well. Lots of laughs in expected and unexpected places.

It was UNESCO’s World Book Day, which was a convenient angle for the book flogging that took place at intermission.

I signed most of the copies. That was cool. Though I’m a terrible autographer; too flushed and embarrassed to really do a good job. I will be wittier with better penmanship tonight. Here’s hoping book sales will again crack double digits. Financially speaking: Maxcap Media Empire is almost out of the red (!)

The middle part was good too: monologist more comfortable, and musical mime easier to understand after Chiara had explained to me what was going on.

The improv was great as well, a couple not-so-great moments. But mostly a bucket of awesome with a dollop of kick-ass on the top. And a rich, creamy, laugh-filled centre.

I’ve decided to focus on being less of a dick as a host. I think there’s a fine line between being in control and being an asshole. I will attempt to cross it less, without sacrificing my domineering, high-status, mildly jerky, stage presence.

Perhaps it’ll help sell more books.

Anyway: show was great the first night, much stronger last night and my hopes continue to rise.

Copies of the play sold: 12 (ish)