Skyrocketing oil prices are now joined by skyrocketing food prices, both taking winged flight to make daily life just that much less affordable. That is a double dose of bad news; though the weather sure is warm…

The whole issue is exacerbated by the thirst for bio-fuels. A few years ago we all knew bio-fuels would be the way to go. Now we know otherwise. The processing of some types makes them worse polluters than old fashioned fossil fuels, and the demand for these bio-fuels means farmers are switching crops, causing food production to drop off and become more expensive to boot. How’s that for ironic poetic justice with globally heartbreaking real-world implications?

But there’s an upside to the ongoing geo-political climate change fuck-uppery. As far as unexpected actions-consequences go, finally one Rube Goldberg marble rolls in favour of preservation of the population… of camels.
High oil prices are driving Indian farmers back to the ‘ships of the desert’. Their population was in free-fall, but now everybody is all ‘Sorry camels. We forgot you were awesome. Help me dismantle this piece of shit tractor.’