I was asked by the folks at Visit London to write about Canada in London. At first I considered visiting the ‘go-to’ Canadian establishment, The Maple Leaf in Covent Garden. I didn’t, but I’m sure one day I’ll make it there (I hear they have poutine).

Instead, I went for pure authenticity, and wrote a little piece about Tim Hortons. It’s here. Check it out, and comment, and tell your friends to check it out and comment.

Writing that piece got me thinking about Canada, and what I miss.

Two things I miss are Vancouver.
And Vancouver Canucks.

That was going to be my segue into an embedded youtube video celebrating Vancouver, hockey, and Vancouver hockey. However, the video was removed by the user at the request of David Newcomb. Read about it here.

Instead, we’ll learn a little about Canada with Bob and Doug.

It’s almost hockey season, let’s have doughnuts.